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Objectives Of Industrial Fair
The object and motto of the industrial fair is to invite small and medium industries to start their units in Bhavnagar city and district. It will provide platform for new entrepreneur. It will give boost to trade and industries and it will also increase employment. The SCCI has invited industries of various sector like, Textile industry, Garment Industry, Foundry industry, Plastic industry, Engineering industry, Ship building industry, Ceramic industry, Agro industry, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Automobile industry, Gems and jewellery industry as well as Education sector, Tourism sector, Banking sector etc., The SCCI has invited Government undertaking units, small and medium industries and specifically industries manufacturing machinery for small industries like plastic etc., The SCCI will provide information and all necessary guidance and help for the industrialist, who wants to start industry in Bhavnagar and Bhavnagar District.

The SCCI has organized grand Industrial fair from 11th December to 14th December 2014 in the area of 20,000 sq.mt. at Jawahar Ground at Bhavnagar.
Area Under Updation
Area Under Updation
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